Two years on a trip without compass or chart

So I looked at the calendar and realized it’s been two years to the day that I launched this experiment know as My Kid The Mid. I’ve spent a lot of my life in the digital space, but this project was unlike most others – there was no plan, no objective, no expectations.

A few highlights and things I’ve learned …

One of the most touching pieces on the site is a Mid Mom’s story about her son who voluntarily left the USNA before signing his 2 for 7s. I remain grateful to her son for allowing her to share the story because I have continued to receive emails and messages from parents who read the story and have Mids who are considering the same thing.

On a personal level, the reaction to the story of Mid Pop Pop’s passing truly touched me. It was a tough time for the family, including the Mid who was close to his grandfather.

Kristin PaintingI had so much fun sharing Kristin Cronic’s story. She’s the former Mid (and former SWO) who creates the amazing USNA-themed artwork displayed on Easel on Stribling. What a joy to bring the story of such a genuinely warm person and inspiring artist to more people. She even agreed to contribute to a Plebe Summer Playlist podcast, which was so much fun to create.

While the site is named in honor of my Mid and I spend a fair amount of virtual ink on him and his sister, most people appear to enjoy the pieces that have nothing to do with me or my family. If I had feelings, they’d be hurt. Just kidding!

I wrote and released my book in the midst of these two years and I cannot tell you how humbling and gratifying it is to get feedback and see that people are enjoying Anchored in Tradition. It was so much fun to create.

One of the real highlights of writing the book was that it led me to be a part of an Academy Insider podcast. I have long admired Grant Vermeer’s work and his passion for giving back to the Academy community, so the chance to just talk about it all was really fantastic. The interview went for about an hour and we talked for quite a bit after we finished and that conversation was as gratifying as the one he shared. He’s an example of the genuinely great people you meet when you are a part of the Naval Academy.

You can listen to the podcast right here:


Speaking of those people … so I wrote a prayer for the USNA Class of 2020 and wanted to create a video so that people could enjoy an audio version of it. Well, to be honest, I wanted an audio version of it, so I went about creating one, but I knew my voice wasn’t the best vehicle. Luckily, my fellow 2020 parent Lisa Waldo agreed to lend her elegant voice to the task and I still enjoy listening to it regularly. And upon request, I had the prayer made available as a greeting card.

I have now begun to wonder if the blog will continue after May 2020 when My Kid The Mid commissions. Then again, I didn’t think too much about starting the blog, so maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about what’s next!

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