A Prayer For The Class of 2020

As a writer, there are times when you struggle to find the words. There are times when you fight to find the motivation to put pen to paper (even though that’s mostly a virtual exercise these days).

Then there are times when you feel as if you don’t take the idea in your head and put it into words, you won’t be able to function. There are times I have had something in my mind and until I see the words on a screen or a sheet of paper, I cannot focus on anything else.

And so here we are. I have been mulling a prayer for my son’s class – the Class of 2020 – for some time, basically since Induction Day. The idea was there, but the words were not. In the past week, though, the idea took hold. I tried to push it back – I have a million other priorities – but the words turned into phrases and when I pushed back even harder, the phrases turned into a prayer.

I emptied the words onto a (virtual) page and walked away, as is my practice after these episodes. After a respite, I came back, did some tweaking and said, “well, that’s that.”

So here it is – a prayer for the USNA Class of 2020 as it enters its final year:

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.27.36 AM

Prayer For The USNA Class of 2020

Eternal Father, strong to save, blanket these young men and women with your love and protection as they fulfill their sacred oath to serve and secure our nation on land and sea, in the air and in cyberspace.
When they fail, show them the lesson to be learned so they may continue to grow as leaders
When they succeed, let them shine as an example of humility and grace
When they feel weak, lift them up
When they feel strong, make known their brothers and sisters in need
When they hunger, feed their souls with your eternal truth
When they thirst, quench them with the cool waters of everlasting life
When they are in harm’s way, shield them and those they are charged to lead
When they are shrouded in darkness, shine your eternal light to guide them
When they are weary, provide them rest so they may be vigilant in their duties
When they are tempted, plot for them a course of righteousness
When they doubt, strengthen their resolve
And when they cannot find a way, help them to make a way
And always, always envelop them in your arms
This prayer is offered in your most precious name

I think everyone connected to the USNA knows the opening line of the prayer …

No surprise, prayer has been a part of Navy life since Day One:

Of course, prayers continue not just for the Class of 2020, not just for members of the Navy, but for all the brave men and women in all of our military branches, who have sworn to protect our nation.

The image for this post is from a painting of the iconic chapel dome by the amazing Kristin Cronic. Please click this link and explore her work.

11 thoughts on “A Prayer For The Class of 2020

  1. Loved it!!

    Can you write one for 2021 too?

    I did wonder if you meant to say it this way:

    “…always, always envelope them your arms”


  2. Hi, class of 2010 mom here. This is lovely. I’m an editor by profession, and in that last line, I believe ou want the word “envelop,” the verb, meaning to “wrap around, ” not envelope, the thing we send mail in.


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