Ready for Plebe Summer – including a new podcast

If it’s summer, that means it’s time for summer training and to welcome the Class of 2023 to the Naval Academy family. Induction Day is within reach, which means we’ll soon be in the throes of Plebe Summer. Welcome aboard, Class of 2023!

Here’s a laundry list of some Plebe Summer resources:

First, we have a new Plebe Summer podcast!

While you’re listening, here’s some other stuff to check out.

Here’s what I wrote before last year’s I-Day, but the points apply to our new class, too

Everyone survives Plebe Summer their own way – there is no wrong way – and here’s how our family survived that grueling six weeks

Make sure you check out Academy Insider’s podcast! There are a bunch of episodes specifically aimed at Plebe Summer. And you absolutely MUST connect with Academy Insider on Facebook. He’ll sometimes host live Q&As on Facebook which are priceless! Grant’s insight and guidance were critical for our survival of Plebe Summer – as an example, here is his message for incoming Plebes.

Oh, if you want to look ahead to the rest of Plebe Year, here’s a podcast I did with my Mid at the end of the first year. Word of warning, there is an egregious error – I say that Plebe Summer is nine weeks. It’s not. It’s only six. It may feel like nine, but it’s only six. My mistake!

A big shout out to the guests for the Plebe Summer Playlist podcast!

Kristin Cronic is the inspiring former Mid and Navy officer who is the creative force behind Easel on Stribling. You can read my interview with her here – seriously, she’s amazing.

Susan Weisberg is the author behind the incredible Chester Midshipmouse book. If you don’t get a little weepy when you read about Chester’s “dark night of the soul” in the Chapel, well, you are a lot tougher than me. I’m so glad she referenced it in the podcast – it gave me chills!

AN Shine is the author of A USNA Mom’s Journal and the creator of MidPins. You can find links to all of that by checking out my interview with her here. Her tips on I Day are solid!

Welcome aboard, Class of 2023!

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