Never get tired of talking N*avy

Our now-Ensign just stopped by for a night on his way to Groton, CT for the next phase of his submarine training and we spent some of our time talking about scheduling, you know, the holidays, the final phase of training, and so on. As I looked at the calendar, it hit me that we’ve been out of the Academy for a year now – I say we, because it’s really a family affair. He commissioned in May of 2020 and while he had a TAD on The Yard until the Fall, our time there really ended with the virtual commissioning ceremony.

A year … a whole year. Tough to measure the time because Plebe Year was an eternity, but the next three flew by, even with the pandemic. A lot has changed, but one thing hasn’t, we are all still talking about N*avy. We still talk to friends and family about life at the Naval Academy in addition to our son’s current adventures (and, of course, the Mid Sib’s latest adventures). I even had the opportunity to be a part of my friend AN Shine’s podcast for her USNA Mid Moms & More:

Commissioning Debrief with 2022 MidMoms – PART 2 | Episode30 USNA MidMoms and More Podcast

Join me for Part 2 of this must-listen-to series with special guests, USNA 2022 MidMoms Janna, Stacy, and Paula, who offer their advice and insights as 2/C and Firstie parents look toward Commissioning  planning, Commissioning Week highlights, and how to handle the unexpected during this special time of celebration and accomplishment. Based on my book, A USNA Mom's Journal, available exclusively at the Midstore.  Read my blog, listen to podcast episodes, visit my Etsy shop at
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  3. Hindsight is 20-20 – What We Wish We Knew – PART 2 | Epsiode 28
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  5. How Time Flies: A Look at 2/C and Firstie Years Part 2 | Episode 26

I’ve been on both sides of the podcast equation, occasionally hosting them and other times, like this, appearing as a guest. To me, there’s not much difference, because they always just feel like a conversation and topic is usually one that both I and the other person are passionate about. In this case, it’s Navy and there’s no doubt AN & I share a deep love of al things Navy. In particular, we both unabashedly love the Herndon Climb which is why I’ve been thrilled that she’s accepted my invitation(s) to be part of my Herndon playlists.

Most of the time I’m writing this blog (or the one about my daughter’s adventures at the Air Force Academy) or recording podcasts, I’m talking (or writing) out loud. I guess I’m talking to myself … don’t worry, my wife has a PhD in psychology, so I’m pretty sure that I’m safe (but who knows, really?). It’s a great feeling when people “like” items on Facebook about the blog and add comments. It’s one of the best perks of the “job,’ to be honest. I’ve been writing and creating content for a long time (back to the Reagan era … good grief, that long?) and basically two main reasons you get feedback: 1) you made a mistake or 2) someone thinks you stink. So when you get a comment that falls into the rare category of “good job!” you tend to relish it.

About the time AN released our podcast, I received an email via this website and it stopped me cold. It’s the kind you file away for one of “those” days.

I just wanted to thank for for your efforts in maintaining this blog. Just dropped off DS for 3rd block Protramid training and it reminded me of dropping him off for plebe summer last year. Certainly not the same, but still the same – if that makes any sense.

We made it through plebe year, largely comforted and educated by your articles. Not having a military background, and not knowing any other kids having made this commitment, it’s hard to get others to understand. It’s Not College and nobody gets it. But you did and you made sense of all of it. There are other good resources, but your articles put a human spin on the emotions and our confused thoughts all year.
BZ sir. You are very much appreciated.

So even if I think I’m just talking to myself, I’ll keep doing it. Because, who knows, maybe someone out there is listening and thinking, “I can’t get enough N*avy.” And if you’re one of those people, thanks for joining the conversation, even if it’s just by listening.


A conversation about my career in journalism and where the profession is headed.
A podcast about my journey to adopt the Mid Sib
OK, it’s Navy, but I so enjoyed my conversation with Grant Vermeer. I miss Academy Insider. 😦
You know me and playlists, I can’t get enough of ’em! I put this one together for Mid Sib’s Summer of BCT.

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