My “must-have” Mid items for the Army-Navy game


‘Hard to believe, but the Army-Navy game is just around the corner. It will be the last one for us, but the first for others. If your Mid has not experienced an Army-Navy game, I have just a few items to suggest as “must-haves” to make the experience a little more tolerable.

For context, it’s going to be cold. So if your Mid isn’t used to cold, they are going to be really cold. And if you’re Mid is accustomed to bundling up to beat the cold, bad news, there will be no bundling. They will wear their SDBs and an overcoat, plus issued gloves and earmuffs.

There are two items our Mid has found indispensable when it comes to staying warm at The Linc for Army-Navy.

First, long johns are nice, but cold gear rules. In our case, it’s Under Armour cold gear, but every performance gear manufacturer has a similar product. A mock turtle neck or long sleeve shirt and leggings seem to do the trick, something like this:

Click for Cold Gear shirts

Click for Cold Gear leggings

Click for Cold Gear socks

The Cold Gear is important, but hand warmers (and their beautiful sisters, the toe warmers) end up being the star of the show. Each year, we’ve stocked up our Mid up with a boxload of these things in addition to arming ourselves with an armful. We swear by them. Toe warmers in the shoes – even the non-insulated ones the Mids wear, make a HUGE difference. We’ll typically put one underneath the foot and one above – just in case. And the hand warmers make even the thinnest of gloves at least tolerable.   My suggestion – send a box to your Mid. They will roll their eyes when they open the box, but by halftime of the game, they will be praising your name. One in each glove, maybe one under the cover – these things crank the heat and do it for a long time. They have carried us through three Army-Navy games and we’re banking on them getting us through a fourth!

Do you have a great tip to help Mids survive the Philly chills? Please share it below!

2 thoughts on “My “must-have” Mid items for the Army-Navy game

  1. Philly weather can surprise you- in 2015, we were a little over-heated in just sweatshirts. Turn in to local weather reports ahead if the game.
    And a water resistant throw can help a lot if there is any precipitation expected.


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