The Herndon Playlist is live … special guests included

They say you’re not supposed to start with an apology, so let’s begin with a few items.

First, the sixth edition of the Herndon Playlist is live! More than that, this year’s playlist features author Susan Weisberg, author of the Chester Midshipmouse books, and features the books’ star (and friends). So let’s start with a big Navy Thank You to Susan for making time in her (and Chester’s) busy schedules.

Now the apologies from two sides – first, I wasn’t able to do justice to the conversation between Susan and me. We talked for nearly an hour, but I pared that down to fit in the playlist itself. I hope to bring that whole conversation with Susan in a more complete fashion down the road.

Second, because of all this, this is one of the longest podcasts I’ve done, far exceeding what the experts tell you to do in terms of “best practices.” So if you have to listen to it in parts, totally understood.

Finally, despite tinkering with the Garage Band software and the podcast platforms, my technical skills are nothing to brag about, so if you find voices sounding flat or the volume levels on the music to be inconsistent, my apologies.

Nonetheless, here it is! April is here and we can officially set a target lock on Herndon. If you’re part of the Class of 2025, this is for you. If you’re not, give it a listen and see if it matches up with your Herndon experience. It’s time to get hyped!

There are three easy ways to listen to the playlist. The first one is easy – you’re here and I’ve embedded it in two players below. You can also find it on Spotify via Anchor, and also on my longest-running platform, Mixcloud. However you listen, I hope you enjoy it!

Here are the players for Spotify and Mixcloud:

If you don’t have the Chester Midshipmouse books in your collection, what are you waiting for?

Cannot wait for the third installment!

As we discussed in the playlist, the first book is all about Plebe Summer.

The second book is all about the rest of Plebe Year, including the Herndon Climb.

Here is the best book about The Herndon Climb – written by one of my son’s Sprint football coaches.

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