Prayer for a Plebe

Coming out of Spring Break, 2022, I felt compelled to write this prayer. It may not apply to your Plebe (or your former Plebe), but rest assured it describes more than one in any class. If it’s in your wheelhouse, please join me.


Eternal Father, strong to save …

Today we lift up to you a Plebe at the United States Naval Academy.

This Plebe is tired physically. Their body has been pushed beyond its limits. Muscles are sore and bones are weary. Other demands sacrifice sleep and its restorative powers. Lay your hands upon them and renew their strength.

This Plebe is tired mentally. A staggering academic load combined with the demands of memorizing chow calls, the names of upperclassmen, and Pro Knowledge tax their brain’s capacity. Lay your hands upon them, clear their mind, and provide clarity of thought.

This Plebe is tired emotionally. For the first time, this Plebe does not enjoy a position of respect, which they are reminded of constantly in ways both big and small. Lay your hands upon them and remind them of both their goal at USNA and the place you keep for them in your hallowed kingdom.

Doubts weigh heavily upon this Plebe, doubts about themselves, their abilities, and their place at the Naval Academy.

We know this route is not for everyone, even those chosen to embark upon it, but if this is indeed the path you have chosen for them, cast your brightest light to show them the way. Make clear to them that although the road is narrow, strewn with obstacles, and surrounded by endless cliffs on all sides, you walk alongside them, steadying their steps.

If this is the path you have chosen for them, block the evil that whispers doubts into their ears and upon their hearts. Replace it with the calm, peace, and confidence only you can provide.

If this is the path you have chosen for them, give them a sign to restore their confidence, strengthen their resolve, and help them become the leader you have chosen them to be.

Finally, we pray for those who know this Plebe – family, friends, and fellow Midshipmen. While they may never understand the Plebe’s burden, fill them with your heart and allow them to be your hands to provide the strength and comfort necessary to bolster the Plebe’s resolve to boldly follow the journey you have set before them.

It is in your matchless name we pray all these things.


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