The Class of 2024 Herndon Playlist is LIVE

The fifth Herndon Playlist is live and I’m excited that it will precede an actual climb. No disrespect to the Supe and the Dant – they did the best they could last year – but knowing that the Plebes will actually climb the monument this year is proof that we are definitely closer to normal. Of course, the fact that no spectators will be allowed on The Yard is a reminder that we aren’t quite there yet.

But climb the Plebes will, so here’s a playlist just for them. I’m pleased to say AN Shine (the passionate talent behind “A USNA Mom’s Journal: Plebe Summer through Commissioning and Beyond! What You Need to Know” and an Etsy shop that will enchant any fan of the Academy) shared some thoughts as did my Mid-turned-Ensign.

I’ve been using Mixcloud for years to publish podcasts and here’s that version:

But I’ve been investigating other platforms and when I came across one called Anchor, well, I mean how could I pass that up?

USAFA Class of 2025 Summer Playlist Karl's Podcast

Join me as we put together a playlist for the families of the USAFA Class of 2025, who are about to embark on their Academy journey. Featuring Superchic(k), Concrete Blonde, Pink Floyd, Twenty-One Pilots, and Jars of Clay. 
  1. USAFA Class of 2025 Summer Playlist
  2. Herndon Playlist, Class of 2024

If Anchor works as advertised, I will soon be able to offer downloadable podcasts, which will be cool. Either way, I hope you’ll listen in and join in the Herndon celebration. Bravo Zulu, Class of 2024 – enjoy. We are climbing back to normal!

You can watch the Herndon Climb live on YouTube, May 22 at 1 p.m.!

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