Come join the (un)official USNA Class of 2020 Commissioning Week 2.0 celebration

I am on record congratulating VADM Buck and his team on making the best of a lousy situation for Commissioning Week. But there’s still something that needs to be done – a collective celebration.

Let’s empty this bottle in style!

So I’m putting this out there – the (un)official USNA Class of 2020 Celebration will take place July 30 – August 2 in Annapolis. Mid Mom & I have rented a house with a comfortable backyard and are expecting many friends, families, and newly minted ensigns and 2nd Lt. to show up.

This will not be a “real” Commissioning Week, but it will be a real celebration.

Here’s the deal: I’ll fill your plate. Mid Mom will fill your glass. Together we will fill the conversation with laughter, stories, and memories of our four years on the Severn. There are no other plans (well, truth be told, I will attempt to take VADM Buck up on his offer to visit the Supe’s residence), but the details are unimportant. We just want you to be there.

I know everyone can’t make it, but I am hopeful that those who can it, will make it (after all, aren’t we committed to – we will find a way or make one?).

Drop a comment here … or on Facebook … or use the contact function. Just say you’ll be there!

Yes, Falcon will be there, too!

11 thoughts on “Come join the (un)official USNA Class of 2020 Commissioning Week 2.0 celebration

  1. Sounds great! Will have to have Jeff check calendar – working at a college has its drawbacks. But still have paid for airline tickets, a newly minted Ensign and fiancé living 15 minutes from Naptown and I’m still waiting to pin his bars on! Will let you know ….


  2. Karl, what a wonderful idea and we would love to join the fun however this is three weeks before the end of the San Diego BDOC class (6/22 – 8/21) so my Ensign would not be able to make it out. I would have to check with my husband to see what his work schedule is for that time period and get back with you.


  3. Sorry Karl…can’t make it. We’re heading to Annapolis August 13th for our 2nd Lts wedding. Have an amazing time! 😀


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