A blur of a year in the books

It was a year ago that I pressed the button on Amazon.com and did something I always thought I’d do – publish a book.

Fulfilling my first request for a signed book. Humbling and exciting all at the same time.

Like everything else associated with the Naval Academy, it created a roller coaster ride. I’ve been humbled by the number of people who’ve purchased the book and even some who’ve asked me to sign it. Some people have chastised me for asking people to pay for the book. The research I did has allowed me to engage in more conversations with folks about USNA and drop trivia on everything from Dahlgren Hall to John Paul Jones to the women’s basketball team. I’ve been able to lighten the mood with some of the jokes I compiled as well.

When you write a blog or, as I have for many years, for “legacy” media like newspapers, you work often fades into memory. There’s something more permanent about a book and as the book enters its second year, I’m excited about it being discovered by new people and, I hope, sparking more conversations.

And, who knows, maybe I will finally be inspired enough to undertake that second book project I’ve been considering.

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