Finally, it’s time for Herndon, #PlebesNoMore!

Even Emmitt, the gargoyle at the end of our driveway, is hyped for the 2019 Herndon Climb!

The Naval Academy whirlwind continues and my Facebook feed has been flooded with parents of Firsties prepping for The Big Day and fellow parents from the Class of 2020 gushing about The Ring Dance (my Mid is on a Zero Block cruise, which means he could not attend the Ring Dance … and I’m not bitter about it, I’m not bitter that the family spent the entire academic year talking about The Ring Dance, with the Mid about possible dates, about what our family involvement would be. Nope, I’m not bitter about that at all. Nope. Note bitter. Nope … OK, maybe a little).

But as the weekend swirled to a close, there was really only one thing to think about – THE HERNDON CLIMB! So here’s a quick, random list of Herndon stuff.

WEATHER: Looks amazing! According to Accuweather, it’ll be bright & sunny and in the mid-80s when the Plebes are unleashed on Herndon.

According to the Academy’s website, the Climb starts at 1:30 p.m., but if you’re going to be there, don’t wait that long. The Trident Brass will begin playing around 12:15 p.m., though I am sad to say that you will not see my Mid playing bass. And, again, I’m not bitter about that. At all. Seriously.

WATCH IT LIVE: I know, I know. We can’t all be there. But according to the Academy website, you can watch the livestream here (I hope they get this right). Of course, if you’re connected with 2022 parents on Facebook, it’s a safe bet most of them will be streaming it on Facebook Live!

If you still need some prep material, read up on the monument’s namesake.  I have to tell you, of all the things I researched for my book, I think I was most fascinated by the story of his demise. I am deeply skeptical that it is accurate, but it is so damn inspiring, I have buried that doubt quite deeply! The Wikipedia page about the monument is pretty cool, too, if you want some of the basics.

Here’s a cool video of last year’s climb:

And, of course, don’t forget to crank the podcast today!

Not enough? I can’t blame you!

Did you see the amazing art by Kristin Cronic, the former Mid who has created all sorts of amazing paintings from The Yard and beyond?  I love the Herndon painting, but I’m torn because I want them all and I’m not sure if I want prints, cards, mugs or all of the above. I’m leaning toward all of the above.

Here’s a great piece by the Annapolis newspaper about last year’s climb.

And, of course, here’s last year’s Herndon podcast … can’t lie, the Mid Mom really stole the show.

Part of me is saying I should jump in the car and head down for the Climb, but I don’t think that’s in the cards. Safe bet I’ll have the live video feed rolling on the laptop and the smart TV, though.

Go get ’em Class of 2022! Your moment is here!

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