The Mid Sib is heading behind enemy lines this summer

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but Mid Sib has been accepted into the Air Force Academy‘s Summer Seminar program. Deep breath.

As I’ve mentioned before, she’s expressed a strong desire to serve in the military and I posted about our visit to West Point this summer (and will soon post about our trip to the Coast Guard Academy as well). While my now-Mid was interested exclusively in USNA, Mid Sib is open to all of the academies. The Mid applied to the USNA summer seminar but didn’t get an invitation. So when we started filling out applications for ALL the academy summer programs for the Mid Sib, I was expecting the same result.

Shame on me.

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Look, I think my kid is awesome. She’s a great athlete – a competitive gymnast who has medaled the last few years in the state championship meet and a good rec league basketball player. She’s a talented musician who can play the piano, violin, and trombone. She’s a great student battling her way through a challenging junior year. She’s a Girl Scout who earned her Silver Award refurbishing a garden that supplies our church’s food pantry and earned her Gold Award creating a 96-square-foot library and activity center for a revamped transitional housing unit for homeless female veterans. She’s all that and more.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from getting closely acquainted with the Naval Academy, it’s that all the kids that get in have amazing resumes and almost all the kids that apply leave me in awe.

20181231_152846.jpgWhen Mid Sib asked if I thought she’d get into any of the academies, I gave her the same answer I gave her brother when asked about his application to USNA – “Nope.” Nothing against my kids, it’s just that the math is against them. It’s so competitive that no one would bet safe money on someone getting in.

But she’s made a big step in her path to pursuing her dream of serving as a military officer. I can’t imagine being more proud of her … and am tickled at the thought that I have a legitimate reason to go to Colorado this summer. 🙂


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