Pictures from a Christmas Break that went too fast

Christmas break always goes by too fast (though, to be honest, Mid Sib had a much shorter break than the Mid). Still, we managed to make some memories.

Sure sign The Mid has arrived
One Christmas morning tradition – whoever finds the pickle ornament gets the extra candy. The Mid earned the bag of Skittles.
How tolerant is my girl, Falcon? She’ll put up with the humiliation of elf booties on Christmas Day, not to mention a bow around her waist while she waits for a chance to play with her new Santa pickle. Good girl!
untitled design (27)
My only regret about the All Academies Ball is that I couldn’t convince the Mid to go Plebe Year. This was our second year and it was – again – amazing. Enjoyed watching the Mid do the toast for the Navy as well as participate in The Grog Ceremony. This year’s added bonus, Mid Gram accompanying the Mid for introductions. Yeah, it got a little misty.
untitled design (28)
An extended break calls for a tour of roadside attractions on the way to The Lobster House in Cape May! This year, Bill The Halfwit Muffler Man, one of the last remaining Nipper (the RCA Victor dog) statues and one really big Flexible Flyer. And to answer your questions, yes, Mid Sib finished the entire crustacean.
untitled design (29)
And when you have the opportunity to hang out with robots made out of car parts, you take it, right? Gotta love South Jersey!
The break meant a chance to work on duet they are preparing for church later this year. Yes, I was charged with finding a duet for trombone and double bass. And, yes, I succeeded.
Every year, we go through the local light show, one of the biggest in Southeastern Pa. We usually take my ’65 Mustang with the top down, but this year, the Mid wanted to use his “new” truck.

And now we prepare for The Dark Ages

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