Did you see SWO ship selection?

There are a million and one nifty traditions at the Academy. It seems I trip across a new one every week or so.

This week featured the SWO (surface warfare community) ship selection (which is not a new one to me!), where Firsties (soon-to-be-graduating/commissioning seniors) who are going surface get to select their ship. It’s a lot of hype and showmanship, but there’s a lot of genuine emotion here. These Mids have been working nearly four years toward this moment, finding out where they will be serving once they commission in May.

Click here and you can watch a video of the Live Stream of the ship selection event.

I’m so excited for the Firsties and, frankly, anxious to think that my son will be doing this or something similar (depending on what warfare community he joins) in two years.

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